Kedar Design was established in 1998. Our main activities are designing and manufacturing furniture. The company has a longstanding experience in the development and realization of furnishing projects for residential and administrative buildings – hotels, restaurants, offices, kindergartens, schools, SPA resorts and gyms.

Our modern factory and warehouses are situated in Novi han, Breza Street, №4. We also have our own transportation vehicles and two showrooms in Sofia.

Kedar Design creates interior and exterior projects for its clients, designing all furniture according to the unique dimensions of the space, taking in mind its overall style and specificity, as well as the demands and wishes of the clients. This way, we ensure the complete look of the room(s), without compromises in its esthetics and functionality.

As a manufacturing company, we take full responsibility for the quality of the products, their delivery and installation. We also offer electrical appliances, mechanisms and all other details, directly from our partners, according to the client's choice.


Furniture Design

Interior and exterior design is a professional service, which purpose is to help clients visualize their furniture, prior to the start of the manufacturing process, with the aim to ensure better functionality and comfort once the installation is completed. Clients tell us what they want, and guided by their individual and unique wishes, our designers create the overall concept and finally the finished project.

Clients receive not only the convenience of the complex service, but also uniform guarantee for quality in each stage of the project /initial (rough) project, finalized project, manufacturing, delivery and installation/.

Structure and Stages of Interior and Exterior Projects:

1. Architectural Visualization of the Space
A preliminary conversation is held with the client, with the purpose of getting to know the dimensions of the working space (room) and the demands of the client, taking in mind the already existing installations in the building.

2. Preliminary Projects
Main purpose: realization of what the best functional option for the working space is, in consideration with the wishes and demands of the client.
Working on the overall organization and distribution of the furniture in the working space.
Creation of a working (preliminary) project with several variations to be presented to the client for opinion.
In the stage, the client chooses the furniture (kitchen cabinets, living room modules, tables, chairs, sofas, bedroom furniture, etc.)
The client receives professional consultations from our designers and a more specific project is created, specifying the style, materials used, mechanisms and hardware. The project is based on the wishes and demands of the client, as well as their budget.

3. Final Project of the Furniture
A final project is created, including technical drawings and specifications, once an agreement is reached on the previous stages. A plan is created for the positioning of electrical and water (clean/dirty) outlets, according to the project.

4. Visualization
The final part is the creation of a 3D visualization, choice of colors and interior details, once the final project is agreed on.
The job of our designers at this stage is to transform the clients' wishes regarding color into specific color compositions.

5. Price Offer


Competitive market prices, excellent quality of execution and meeting deadlines, appointed in the contract. We also offer maintenance of the furniture during the guarantee period but also after that.

We invite you to take a look and draw inspiration from the interior and exterior projects in our portfolio.